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Looking for downloads for your new Apple iPad? Well, you’re not the only person. The Apple iPad is one of the hottest gadgets out at the moment and has the ability to display eBooks and more in wonderful high-definition quality. Unfortunately, it can be very costly to fill it up with multimedia, and with each digital book costing around $12, it can all add up.

However there is a solution! myPadMedia is a new site which allows iPad owners to download hundreds of eBooks, Comic Books and more directly to the iPad! No limits, no delays, and no expensive bill at the end of the month!

They provide books in all sorts of genres including fiction, non-fiction, crime, mystery, romance, and more! And these aren’t books you have never heard of, they are some of the best-selling novels which are selling in the stores for $20 each!

myPadMedia also provides members with hundreds of comic books which can be downloaded to the Apple iPad. Popular titles include Spider-man, Batman, Superman, Iron Man, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and much more! Plus there is a ton of manga and anime as well!

myPadMedia membership also enables members to download hundreds of worldwide newspapers each and every day with the touch of a button! There’s also a heap of other extra bonuses for your iPad which will definitely come in handy when using your device.

Become a member of myPadMedia by visiting the site today. The customer support team is there to assist you 24 hours a day with almost anything! Check them out!

Ipad Ebooks

I’m not what you’d call the most “tech savvy” person, but when my husband recommended the iPad to me, I couldn’t resist. I bought one just a few days after it came, and fell in love with it. I could easily email my friends, browse Facebook, look at photos of the kids. I was mainly captivated though by the eBook reading capabilities of the iPad. I believed that with my new iPad, I would never have to read a real paper book again. Then I discovered how much it would cost me for each and every book from the iBookstore. My high hopes of having an entire library of books on my iPad crumbled.

I figured there had to be an easier, cheaper way. After searching on Yahoo Answers, I discovered positive reviews from other iPad users who had tried this site called myPadMedia and had loved it. The site promised unlimited lifetime access allowing members to download thousands of books, comic books, newspapers and more, all directly to the Apple iPad. I gave it a shot, and signed up.

I was very impressed! Within minutes of becoming a member, I was able to download the entire Twilight series to my iPad. After that, I downloaded Dan Brown’s most recent book ‘The Lost Symbol’ and then that controversial new Oprah biography. For the kids, I downloaded some of their favorites and even some games too. Just recently I was waiting as my car was getting serviced, so I jumped on myPadMedia and started reading Vogue magazine! Guess how much that cost me? Not a single cent!

I have been a member for almost a month now, and I have to say that it is an excellent service. The downloads are fast, the process is so simple, and their database is absolutely huge. I honestly think that they have a bigger range than the iBookstore. So, if you are looking to enhance your iPad experience, I suggest you give myPadMedia a shot. The customer service team is amazing. When I didn’t know how to bookmark a page in one of my download books, they were able to help me over the phone to figure it out, just minutes after I emailed them. Move over Apple, myPadMedia crushes you guys in everyway.